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Conscious Discipline

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Dr. Becky Bailey and Carmen Mota   Jenny Barkac and Carmen Mota
One of our Preschool Site Supervisors and Conscious Discipline Coaches, Mrs. Carmen Mota was invited to attend and help at the Conscious Discipline Elevate conference in Orlando FL! There were over 850 attendees!!!
To say she had an amazing time is an understatement!!! Thank you Carmen for being willing to go and represent our program and bring back more knowledge to share with our team!! She met up with the amazing Jenny Barkac, and even got to meet Dr. Becky Bailey!! We love our school family!!!
One of Four Parts - check out the others on Facebook!

Conscious Discipline Interview with 93Q
One of Four Parts - check out the others on Facebook!

Quote by Dr. Becky Bailey

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"This is about learning to change your own behavior, and your children's behavior, so that you can embrace and resolve conflict and enjoy life,....Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline." 
Conscious Discipline Conference Team

Conscious Discipline Institute Puyallup, WA

Our amazing team at the 7 day Conscious Discipline Institute in Puyallup Washington.